U300 Float Shoes

The main function of a float shoe is to guide casing down hole to a desired depth. They have either a single or double check valve which prevents the u-tubing of cement from the annulus back up the casing. During the circulation period, prior to the cement job, the valves must be able to withstand extensive wear from heat, high pressures and abrasive qualities associated with drilling fluid and cement. Our valves are used in the manufacture of almost all of our extensive line of float equipment we manufacture. Float shoes are regularly used in conjunction with float collars. They act as the primary valve during cement displacement. The design of float shoes will vary depending on the geometry of the hole, pressures within the formation, stability of the hole and preference of the operator. Ferro-Tube Oil Tools Co., L.P. manufactures all types of float shoes, with either single or double valve configurations available. Ferro-Tube can equip our float shoes with several different guide nose configurations to meet our customer’s needs. Our equipment meets or exceeds the API RP10F category IIIC specifications for pressure and flow requirements.

Key features include:
• Meets or exceeds API RP10F category specifications for pressure and flow requirements
• Guide casing to a planned depth
• Take the load off of the drilling rig by floating the casing to depth
• Serve as a primary valve after displacement of cement
• PDC Drillable
• Single or Double Valve Configuration


Float Shoe Single Valve Cement Nose


PDC Drillable Plunger Valves