U600 & U601 Differential Valves

Ferro-Tube’s Differential Valve allows for a metered flow of fluid into the casing while being lowered into the hole. It allows the pipe to be filled to between 80 and 85 percent before closing off flow into the casing. The valve can be cemented into either a float shoe or float collar. Differential valves are used to reduce surge pressures when running casing.

At any time the casing can be circulated without conversion of the valve to the closed/checked position. The valve is converted by dropping a weighted ball. The ball lands in the valve’s ball seat and is then pressured up. The movement of the ball through the valve seat converts both the top and bottom flapper valve to the closed position. Ferro-Tube’s differential valve is certified to the API Category IIIC criteria of 400ºF and 5000 PSI.

Key features include:
• PDC Drillable
• Anodized ball receiver and sliding sleeve for corrosion control in the field