Ferro-Tube Oil Tools Co., L.P. a Division of Ferromar Trading Inc. was founded by Joseph A. Diaz, President and is located on David Wayne Hooks Airport in Spring, Texas with warehouses and sales offices in Weatherford and Odessa, Texas.

Ferro-Tube is a leader in the manufacture of oil field float equipment, differential and auto-fill valves, centralization products, premium threaded equipment.

Ferro-Tube established a state-of-the-art test flow loop at the Weatherford, Texas facility, ensuring that our float equipment consistently complies with API RP 10F requirements.

In January 2012, Ferro-Tube introduced our own line of float equipment that surpasses API RP 10F IIIC requirements. With a proven track record in the manufacture of Float Equipment, Ferro-Tube has grown into a multinational corporation serving clients worldwide.

We have experienced engineering and service personnel providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ferro-Tube Oil Tools Co., L.P. is certified as an API Specification Q1 and ISO 9001:2008 compliant organization in Spring and Weatherford, Texas.

The scope of API Q1 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications includes the design, manufacture, assembly and test of float equipment in accordance with API RP 10F. Ferro-Tube is authorized to use SPEC 5 CT monogram. This certification is accredited by The American Petroleum Institute (API).

Quality Policy

Gage17682219LargeFerro-Tube Oil Tools Co., L.P. will meet or exceed customer requirements by setting quality objectives and continually improving processes, products and services through a documented quality system.

Our quality policy statement indicates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by continually improving processes, products and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed customer requirements. Moreover, our quality policy statement acts as a compass in providing the direction and framework for establishing key corporate level performance measures and related improvement objectives.

We ensure that our quality policy is communicated and understood at all levels of the organization through documented training.

Joseph A. Diaz

HS&E Policy


Ferro-Tube Oil Tools Co., L.P. fully accepts its responsibility for providing a safe working place to protect employees, assets and the environment. We are totally committed to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environmental standards through the implementation of our management system for all company activities.

To realize this vision, all FOT operations and employees shall work together to protect the quality of the environment and the health and safety of our employees and neighbors.

FOT has a health, safety and Environmental Management System in place for all our activities that drives continual improvement. The HS&E Management System outlines HS&E accountabilities to implement this policy and requires that we:

• Establish and maintain an HS&E Management System that facilitates a structured approach to the management of HS&E risk.
• Identify and mitigate risks where potential accidents, injuries or illnesses may occur
• Identify and mitigate risks where potential unacceptable impacts on the environment or community may occur.
• Provide adequate human, financial and time resources to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the HS&E Management System.
• Provide safe work places and systems of work that empower employees and contractors to report unsafe or hazardous situations so that they may be addressed in a timely manner.
• Maintain compliance with current relevant health, safety and environmental legislative obligations.
• Set objectives and targets which promote the efficient use of energy and resources and the minimization of wastes and emissions
• Promote a safe culture that encourages employees to proactively manage health, safety and environmental risks through education, instruction, information and supervision.
• Clearly define and communicate staff and contractor responsibilities in relation to health and safety policies.
• Require contractors to manage HS&E using standards and practices that are in accordance with this policy.
• Monitor our own operations and those of our contractors by evaluating performance through systems, procedures and regulations and report this information to provide a foundation for continuous improvement.

The President is accountable for communication of this policy and for compliance with its undertakings and to ensure the effective implementation, management and monitoring of the HS&E Management System and its subsequent outcomes.

While management carries these accountabilities and responsibilities, in order to be fully effective, responsibility and accountability for health, safety and the environment must be practiced by all employees and contractors of FOT. Employees and contractors of FOT alike will demonstrate this through awareness, understanding and compliance with regulatory and company HS&E standards and requirements.

Joseph A. Diaz