Cementing Plugs

Current drilling conditions require higher quality accessories for cementation that offer special features. With these conditions in mind, Ferro-Tube identified the need for accessories with a high wear resistance, shorter mill time, high pressure rating and the ability to be removed with a PDC bit. This system is beneficial during the cementing stage where the non-rotating plugs are combined with the float collars (or float shoes). The construction of the upper and lower plugs allows them to seat properly on the float collars, preventing rotation during the drilling out process. Another benefit of this system is the reduced time to mill the plugs that accommodate tri-cone or PDC drill bits. The cementing plugs are manufactured with high strength materials, using simple milling techniques. The non-rotating design of the plugs allows the end user to avoid problems of alignment even when there is a deviation.

Key features include:
• Non-rotating device allows one to set plugs in any inclination of casing
• Material designed for simple milling with tri-cone drill bits or PDC drill bits
• Material resistant to abrasion and wear
• Fins design is effective in cleaning long pipes
• Resistant to temperatures from 300-350°F
• Upper and lower plugs include a secondary seal and secondary cleaning fin
• Field experience has shown the plug may be milled between 5 and 20 minutes
• Disc rupture (diaphragm) set at a pressure from 125-300 PSI. Higher pressure can be requested on a special order
• A range of plugs is available for different casing diameters


Displacement Plug


Wiper Plug